The Pieces of My Heart

By Gusti Gina - Monday, August 07, 2017

My partner and I met in Technical Meeting Of Nanang Galuh Banjarbaru Selection 2015. It's about 2 years ago. I live in Banjarbaru with my family, but no completely because something bad (re:broken home). My life is not really easy. But I always try to enjoy it. He fell in love with me at the first sight. He always told me about that. It makes me laughing out loud. Because, when I saw him for the first time, I thought he was younger than me. But in fact, he's older than me about 2 years. 

I'm childish, He's mature. I'm energic, funny, and cant stop moving. He's calm, cold, and silent. Oh God ! I was always excited meeting him. He was amazing everything what he said was true. I still remember when he asked me to his girlfriend it's kinda cute. I denied him 3 times. I was fool. I think, I couldn't be in love anymore after broken heart. I was not sure he would be good for me. But He never gave up. I like it. I always said "just a friends" , but everybody knew I love him too. Because, friends didnt do the things we did. Everyday we met, talking, laughing, joking, watching movies, and take care each other. One night, He asked me again, to be his life partner not only girlfriend, I was amazed by him. My heartbeat got fast, so fast. I didnt say anything, I was shocked by his words. But I smile and he hug me for a second. It was just like a start for us. After that, friends became life partner. We were close friends, so close. I always called him "my best friends". After that night, I called him "kaka" and "kaka" now became "baby". 

And now, we had to separate for 3 days and still counting to 4 months before we can meet each other. He had his job and now on "diklat prajabatan BUMN PLN". I knew this day will come since we decided to apply that recruitments 4 months ago. But till now, I had a hard time to face the truth. I became depressed, angry, anxious because I couldnt see him, touch him. I dont want to separate for so long. I want to see him, tahe hime to places, tell him stories like I did usually, enjoy movies with him, doing the things we always did. 

I take a deep breathe and dive into the deep, dark, empty cave inside my mind. I know, he is safe. I tell myself to let go. This is the best way for our future. He promised me that making me his life partner, I know he will.

First day, I cried too much. Second day, I took a deep breathe, and focus. This is not long forever. I'm very proud of hi,. his courage to wait for me till my graduation, to sacrifice and got this job for our future. 

One thing that I realize right now.

LDR is not pretty. But it helps us to keep our promises. I can't wait to meet him, I have a lot things to share with him and surprise.

Dear my life partner wanna be. Be strong and remember I love you.

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