My 21 yo birthday

By Gusti Gina - Thursday, April 28, 2016

28 April 2016.
I've been living for 21 years in this world. Time passes so fast. I grow up time by time, sounds normal. Of course, I'm a human. Okay, dummy.
Yesterday was so great! felt so surprise, People said "happy birthday" to me in every minute. And it's still happening now. Thanks people, I appreaciate it.

I'm so excited of using english, even I'm not very good. But I just love doing it, yeah I still learn, Since I was on elementary school, I learnt english. Hahaha not important!

Yesterday, my boyfriend picked me up. We had a meeting with Mr.Sudais, We had a program, social progam especially. It called PATUNG. It's our Idea, me and my boyfriend. PATUNG is Pakaian Untuk Negeri. We will collect clothes, suit, shirt, or whatever that unused by people. Yeah, we will collect  them and donate it to the needy, such as poor people, orphanages, fire victims, and others. The program was deliberately set on my birthday. Just wanted to do something useful in my 21 years living. And it will be sustainable program in the organization. Thanks my dear, you really help me to do that and make it happen. Thanks for always supporting me.

It began with making instagram account, like official account for this program. And Mr. Sudais was choosen as co-Founder of  PATUNG. I am so happy until now, it's working. We already have several contributors this morning. Thanks so much.

After that, we went out for dinner. I thought, he would take me to usual place we did. But I was wrong, he took me for candle light dinner. Damn! It was for the first time. Okay, I'm only three times in relatioship. First, 2 years ago, the second was for a while just like the wind. And now, he is the third, I wish he is my last! And you know what,  I didn't expect that, I mean for the candle light dinner, He was really preparing for that. It was surprising, However, I looked very hard. I only wore T-shirts, trousers jogger, and no make up at all.

At first, I wanted to take a photo for that moment, But he didn't allow me. He said, "No phone tonight" I was silent, But, he was like reading my mind. "I don't care bout social media. You don't need uploading this moment. People don't need to know about us. It's enough for you and me, okay." Suddenly, feeling relieved and happy to be one, mixed together. I really wanted to hug him at that time. But, I couldn't. -_____-

We talked a lot of things, joking, and dinner of course. I was really happy. His eyes shine last night.
Is this how it feels when you believe someone in front of you that will accompany you throughout your life later? people said, "we call it, soulmate" I've fallen in love before. Really love. But it was different with this time. Loved by itself, without the demands of love, just love in peace. At first I wondered if I really loved him. I think this is just a liability, dependence, or habit cause we always together all the time. But it's not, there is a feeling that is indescribable. Damn, I can make romantic words. Hahaha LOL

Take a look this picture !

And also, he invited my friends. He said "It's your birthday, Your friends should celebrate too. Not only us." 

Yes, they came after one hour left. they came in with a cake and sang happy birthday's song. ohhh, it was so sweet.

 Thanks for coming guys. I love you all!
holding your hand feels sweet hahaha 
 Overall, it was really unforgettable night. Thanks God! Thanks for sending me angels in my life, My family, my friends, my partners, and.... HIM.

I'm 21 y.o guys !!

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