First Climbing

By Gusti Gina - Tuesday, June 24, 2014

yesterday I climbed the mountain with my friends. it's really beautiful scenery.
I think I want to go there again.

we left at 10 pm. and hiked for 3 hours.
I was so excited. our road was just lighted by flashlifght.

 raras, wira, helen, mesno, sri, hendro, Afrida, bambang, and I was carrying a bag respectively.

I brought a jacket, drinks, chocolate, soap, and sweaters.

at 3 a.m,  extremely cold weather. I was even shivering.

there were two groups of foreigners who came to our camp. they intended to join us. we disnt matter, so they joined with us.

they talked and joked all the night. I felt like was told fairytale stories. While my other friends fun playing uno card.

I fell asleep because of the cold.

at 06:30 am, I was awakened by my friend. we saw the sunrise. it was very beautiful. That was the first time I saw the sun rise from the mountain. it seemed there was something romantic. hehe.

we took pictures.well,  I'll upload a picture of me. #coming soon#

after that, we clean up tents and cleaning up trash. and finally we walked back to the mountain valley. it was faster than last night. probably due to drops down does not require extra power.

when we got there, there is pool Netherlands. That said, the pool was very historic because it was made by the Dutch. And the pool was haunted and very austere. I almost can not believe last night we passed the pool.
oh yes, last night lots of people have possessed.

I do not care about the horror stories there. I am very fascinated with the scenery there. Anyone of you who want to get there? invite me! I'll come if I can
Really a very exciting experience. it seems not wait to climb other mountains.

I'm sorry. I'm not really good in english. I'm still learning. :)

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